Pflegerentenversicherung in the test: good precaution or unnecessarily expensive?

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news Pflegerentenversicherung in the test: good precaution or unnecessarily expensive? News always well informed Monday, 31.10.16 , written by Annabell Meyer A new nursing care insurance test shows insured persons with which tariffs they best secure themselves for the care case. While many people in the caregiver see a well calculable form of provision, it has for experts, however, crucial disadvantages. Consumers can also only choose between a few offers. > Mit einer Pflegerentenversicherung sorgen Verbraucher privat vor The nursing care insurance pays a fixed monthly pension in the case of long-term care

Focus-Money (44/2016), together with the German Financial Service Institute, has been looking for the best carers' pension insurance in a current care insurance test. It was checked for three age groups (40, 55 and 65 years), which tariff offers the most extensive services with a monthly deposit of 100 euros. The experts also took a close look at – comfort, premium and flexible tariffs. The evaluation included a total of three factors:

  • amount of pension
  • financial strength
  • tariff conditions

WWK and Ideal convince with comfort rates

For most of the tariffs, the monthly pension scales in percentage terms according to the care level (PS) of the person concerned. Only people with the highest need for care get the full amount. For a comfort rate, the insurance pays for care level II 75 percent, for care level I 50 percent of the defined caregiver pension.

Test winners have become WWK (PflegeRente PRO6) and Ideal (PflegeRente superia) . WWK is above all convincing with its financial strength and has the best overall grade among both the 40-year-olds and the 55-year-olds. For older insured scores, however, the ideal fare with a guaranteed pension of 535 euros per month for PS III. In general, pension payments at this insurer are slightly higher than at WWK. Third and fourth place insurers in the test are Zurich (PflegeRente) and Volkswohl Bund (SPV).

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Better secured by flexible nursing care insurance?

With flexible nursing care insurance, consumers can decide on the contract themselves how much money they want to receive in the respective care levels. So it is also possible to get the same amount for each care needs . However, if you wish the same benefits in all care levels, you should note that insurers pay far less for older people with the highest level of care than for a comfort or premium rate. For them, therefore, a precise comparison of the different contract terms is worthwhile.

In the care insurance test, WWK and Ideal with their flexible policies are the best , with WWK reaching first place in all age groups. Ideal receives, as with the comfort rates, for the pension height the top score 1.0.

What is a health insurance?

With a nursing care insurance, people in need of care receive a lifelong monthly pension, which is freely available to insured persons. The amount of the pension is based on the respective care level.

How useful is the nursing insurance?

A nursing care insurance offers some advantages for consumers: For example, the contributions remain stable over the entire contract period and are thus a fixed plannable item. People in need of care also have the disbursed pension at their own disposal. You do not have to provide proof that you need the money for a caregiver or aid. If the insurance company generates a surplus, those affected are involved.

In addition, insured persons can suspend their contributions to a long-term care insurance, for example if their financial situation suddenly changes. However, the benefits are reduced in the case of long-term care.

A major disadvantage of this form of private care is that it is far more expensive than other alternatives. Experts such as the Confederation of insured therefore advise against a nursing care insurance, "because it is an inscrutable combination of insurance protection and an unprofitable saving process . And the bottom line too expensive! "The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Anyone who wants to hedge, should rather consider a care day insurance. Again, the payments are not tied to the care benefits, so that insured people have the money freely. In addition, there are significantly more providers from which interested parties can choose the optimal provision.

Service: Ask now for a no-obligation offer for the Nursing Care Insurance and find out how you can protect yourself against high care costs.

Here you will find tips and more information on private nursing care insurance. >

Annabell Meyer

editorial staff

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