Learn how to make the most of discount websites

Discount sites are a great opportunity to save money on buying certain articles and experiences that would probably be out of the question. Discounts can reach, in some cases, up to 90%. A seductive number that is possible to be reached since these sites of collective purchases are able to practice prices lower because they add a high number of orders. But do not be fooled by enthusiasm. Do not lose your head when buying what you do not need, that you will not use or for which you have no financial capacity. Resist tempting offerings.


Care to be taken into account


One care you should take is to contact the supplier of the product or service before purchasing the voucher. Make sure there is no stock break or that the operation partner, such as the hotel or restaurant, is available on the dates you want. This advice is particularly important as Deco has come to some complaints from consumers who are unable to enjoy the service they bought because the site has sold more vouchers because of the partner’s ability to provide a particular service.

The way it works is relatively simple: discounts are sent by email to registered users, with detailed information on the offer and with pictures. If the user buys the product or service, he / she receives via e-mail a voucher with the discount code and the conditions of use, which must also be displayed on the website (the expiration date of the discount, the day and hours of operation of the stores and additional offers). The value of the product or service without the discount must also be visible and the number of users who bought the offer and the time limit for the end of the promotion are displayed on the discount page.


What if you are not satisfied? Learn what you can do

What if you are not satisfied? Learn what you can do

According to the legal regime of distance selling, the consumer can give up within 14 days (including weekends and holidays) without paying any compensation or indicate the reason. The deadline is from the date of conclusion of the contract or the receipt of the product or start of the service. If you wish to go back, you should address the request for cancellation in writing to the supplier, with registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Keep a copy in your possession. In this way, the supplier is obliged to return the money he has spent within 30 days, if that does not happen, the supplier has another 15 days to pay back the money, but double.

When these sites began to emerge they were more focused on aesthetic and wellness services. But with the exponential increase of this type of distance selling the supply is increasingly diverse, covering restaurants, hotels, books and articles for the home. Some also allow you to offer gift checks with a value of your choice. Then get to know some of the most relevant discount sites.